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The First Nations Bushfood and Botanical Alliance is an advocacy and economic development

Alliance made up of First Nations people and business from across Australia.

The Alliance was launched in May 2020  as a result of a process started at the inaugural National Indigenous Bushfood Symposium in November 2019 and is an industry body which

will have state representation on the board to ensure state interests are also acknowledged.

We have 2 membership tiers

1) First Nations individuals 

To qualify for  individual membership, you must be a First Nations person 

operating a bushfood, botanical or related industry business

or working for a First Nations business in bushfoods.


2) First Nations businesses

To qualify as a  First Nations business member your business must be

at least  51% First Nations owned.

You can register as an individual and/or business (below)



Membership - Annual Subscription - FREE

Membership is currently offered free due to the support of the ILSC  

(Normally $100)


Benefits of joining​

Business Listing on website directory

Promotion on social media

Opportunity to promote at FNBBAA run events

Opportunity to feature  in FNBBAA newsletter

Individual members will have full voting rights at General Meetings and AGM

Receive a logo of Certification 

  FNBBAA will be working to deliver the key action items coming out of the Symposium

  which are:

  1. Implementing protocols to set national standards on how to work with First Nations people in the industry: 

  2. Provenance and authenticity: to protect First Nation producers, respect our protocols and recognise our custodianship.

  3. Changes to the law: to respect and protect First Nations knowledge in bushfoods and bush products should be protected by the laws of this land and business practice. This includes intellectual property; penalties for misappropriation and implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing.

  4. Education and Awareness: promote respect for our First Nations Knowledge values and protocols.

  Please note:

  Your application for Membership will be assessed at the next board meeting and if successful,

  a link will be sent to your email address to setup your password.

  To verify 51% First Nation Owned and Operated Businesses we may need to make the   following checks:

  1. Cross reference with ASIC databases to verify ownership and shareholdings

  2. Verify Certificate of Aboriginality of owners listed on the application and with ASIC

  3. Confirm management and ownership of Aboriginal parties via shareholder agreements and company delegation of authority documents

  4. Conduct interviews and or site visits to verify location, management and ownership of the business if required

  5. Confirm the number of Aboriginal employees

  6. Confirm Supply Nation certification 


Expression of interest to join First Nations Bushfood & Botanical Alliance Australia.

Join as an individual member and/or register your business too.

Have a copy of of your confirmation of Aboriginality ready to upload with your application and proof of at least 51% First Nation business ownership if you would like to register your business 

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Would you like to be listed on our business directory. Note you can only be listed on our Directory if your business is at least 51% First Nations owned and operated
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What support do you believe First Nations people need to assist them in the bushfood space?
What type of support do you feel is most important to you?
Which part of the bush food value chain are you in, or aspire to be in? (If in multiple parts of the value chain, choose where the largest part of your business is:
In what form do you sell most of your product
Do you currently export any of your product ?
Do you plan on exporting in the next 2-3years ?
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